For coverage to begin on individual projects The contractor would provide information in the applicant section required to begin the underwriting process. Such information includes, but is not limited to:

Name of Project Owner(s)

Address of the job (for possible inspections)

Description of the work to be done

Estimated start and completion dates

Initial total cost estimate (what the contractor will bill the project owner)

Upon completing entry of the underwriting information, you will receive an indication on the next steps to bind your coverage.  In most cases, policies may be bound immediately upon the successful completion of online questions and payment.  In some instances, we may need more information if the work is deemed to be particularly hazardous such as complete demolition of an adjoining structure.  In that case, the premium indications are still provided but the file is automatically referred to underwriting for approval.  Approval and/or follow-up responses typically take 24 hours or less.